The Local Energy Solutions Workgroup is a diverse group of energy professionals representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Our volunteer members have a wide-range of expertise from energy policy and project financing to project management and community organizing. 

The Local Energy Solutions Workgroup is an initiative of Clean Energy NH, the state's leading clean energy advocate and educator.

The History of LES

Over 2010-2011, members of the Local Energy Committee Working Group as well as participants from other energy related committees and organizations met monthly to assess the needs, barriers and opportunities in NH's communities to address local level energy issues and solutions. It became clear that, despite numerous energy-focused programs and funding streams to support such work, there is significant need for greater coordination and support to solve these complex issues. And some of our most creative solutions are coming from the ground up.


With this context in mind, the ad hoc Local Energy Working Group (LEWG) was formed in September 2011, building off the work of and replacing the NH LEC Working Group. The focus of the LEWG became a bit broader than that of the previous LECWG; seeking to support and include the energy work of Local Energy Committees/Commissions, Municipalities and Schools. 


In August 2015, the Local Energy Work Group re-branded as the Local Energy Solutions Work Group to be consistent with many of the programs we offer such as the LES Conference and LES Training Series. 


The LES Work Group still seeks to resource local leaders on energy committees, in municipalities and schools, counties and other nonprofits with resources and tools to address these local level projects.  Although this is our primary constituency we recognize that significant positive change requires a multi-sector approach and that there is a need for such coordination.  It is with this in mind that we have expanded the offerings on NHenergy.org to help our colleagues working in other sectors; such as in their places of work, homes and institutions to meet their respective challenges and goals.  The LES Work Group continues to address new barriers and promote local energy solutions and welcomes new members willing to dig in on solving our energy issues collaboratively.

Mission and Purpose

To provide collaborative guidance and technical support to Local Energy Committees/Commissions (LEC’s), municipalities, schools, and other political subdivisions seeking to reduce energy use, minimize energy costs, and/or reduce fossil-fuel consumption.


We are dedicated to assisting local energy committees, individuals, and the public as a whole about Local, clean energy solutions in NH

We provide support for local energy action through our Local Energy Solutions Initiatives - resources and tools created just for local energy committees and groups.


We believe in the power of collective impact - we can do more together than we can alone - and the urgency of our climate crisis requires that we all work together to build a strong clean energy movement in NH.

Meet The Team

The LES Work Group includes representation from political subdivisions, energy committees, relevant community stakeholders, energy professionals, and non-profits. 


Joshua Singer

Program Coordinator

Clean Energy NH


Scott Albert


GDS Associates

Kristin Bahny

Energy Efficiency Consultant



John Balfe

Buildings & Community Energy Associate 


Emily Bolger

Physical Scientist, Air & Radiation Branch

EPA New England

Sarah Headshot.JPG

Sarah Brock

Energy Program Coordinator

Vital Communities

Bruce Clendenning

Energy Policy Manager

The Nature Conservancy NH


Andy Duncan

Energy Training Manager

Lakes Region Community College

Brianna Fiorillo

Senior Program Director

Clean Energy NH

Henry Herndon

Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire

Scott Maslansky

Director of Clean Energy Finance


Clay Mitchell

Lecturer, Sustainable Energy  Policy


Chris Skoglund

Energy & Climate Analyst

NH Dept. of Environmental Services

Joe Van Gombos

Senior Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator


Jessica Wilcox


Granite State Clean Cities Coalition

Tanya Wayland


NH Public Utilities Commission

Annie Henry