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Local Energy Action Case Studies

​Implementing successful local energy projects is challenging and time consuming, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Learn what other groups have done, ​how they did it, challenges they faced, and keys to success.

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Case Study Categories
Light Bulbs

From street lighting upgrades, to weatherization programs - find out how communities are cutting energy costs & saving money

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Solar Energy

From Solar on municipal buildings, to town- wide solarize campaigns. Learn how towns are getting their energy from clean, renewable resources

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Biomass Energy

Schools, cities, towns, and homes across New Hampshire are switching to locally sources wood- pellet heating systems


From anti-idling campaigns and public transportation to walkable towns, find out how communities are minimizing emissions and costs associated with transportation.

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Renewable energy aggregation projects, strategic energy planning and creative new ways for building a clean energy and low energy future. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Cannon Mountain

The State of New Hampshire contracted with Ameresco for an energy efficiency initiative at Cannon Mountain. The project was funded through the state’s energy performance contract, and is budget-neutral, with savings from the reduction in energy to be used to pay-off the cost within 16 years.

Mount Washington Valley

Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity goes green

Bow High School

A two stage project was undertaken to improve energy efficiency in the building.

Municipal Energy Audits Through Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Fund

Energy conservation measures could reduce the heat load between 35 and 40%. Using the existing heating system and controls, that would indicate a fuel use reduction of 2,850 to 3,100 gallons a year.

At 2010 heating oil prices, the town could save over $10,000 per year if it completes the recommended energy efficiency measure.

Neighbors Warming Neighbors

Dunbarton, NH creates a campaign to complete energy audits of residential buildings, write reports, and refer residents to incentive programs. 

Computer Plug Load Savings

The City of Manchester worked with a contractor to install software on the school district servers that would remotely shut down computers at a preprogrammed time to avoid the energy & cost waste of computers left on all night or even weekends.

Saving an estimated $43,000 / Year

Efficient School Transformers

The City of Manchester embarked on an innovative project to replace inefficient and over- sized transformers with high efficiency "right sized" Powersmith transformers. 

Return on investment of >2 years

Municipal Energy Audits Through Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Fund

Renovations to the Town of Temple’s municipal building/fire department are expected to result in an overall reduction in heating and energy use of between 75 percent and 85 percent.

As a result, Temple will save between $5,000 and $6,000 annually, based on 2010 fuel prices.

School Energy Efficiency Upgrades

LighTec worked with the Litchfield School District to design and build energy-efficiency projects in the High, Middle, and Elementary Schools.

Value of Energy Savings: 

$84,000 for electricity

$20,000 for Fuel

High Performance School
Merrimack Valley

The Merrimack Valley High School is the first school building in NH to be verified by the State Department of Education as a high performance facility, 

Deep Energy Retrofits

Union Block Building implements IBEA energy cost savings measures through a deep energy retrofit with Bruss Construction - Claremont, NH

Petersen Engineering implements IBEA energy cost savings and occupant comfort measures through a deep energy retrofit with Bruss Construction - Portsmouth, NH

Lake Region Community Services implements IBEA energy cost savings measures through a deep energy retrofit with Bruss Construction and Peterson Engineering - Laconia, NH

Deep Energy Retrofits

New Hampshire Auto Dealers Association. IBEA pinpointed energy losses to the attic, uncontrolled ventilation of air and the need for HVAC system replacement.


Biomass Energy



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