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Image by Patrick Hendry

Climate Resiliency and Adaptation

More extreme storms will increase power outages and more extreme temperatures 
will increase the need for efficiency and renewable projects to offset 
​potentially higher energy loads in New Hampshire.

Climate Resiliency Resources:

  • The New Hampshire Climate Action Plan aims to outline a plan that achieves the greatest feasible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while also providing the greatest possible long-term economic benefits to the citizens of New Hampshire.

  • Building Thriving, Resilient Communities explores many exciting resilient systems being created in communities across the nation (and planet) that demonstrate how we can live more sustainably, and in community, while respecting Nature’s limits. ​​​


Climate Adaptation Resources: 

  • The New Hampshire Coastal Viewer aims to serve as a  one-stop shop for all coastal resources and hazards-related spatial data in NH's coastal watershed; to improve access to new and existing spatial data sets; and to provide information about coastal resources, hazards, and opportunities to reduce risk from these hazards and increase coastal resiliency.

  • The Adaptation Toolkit for New Hampshire Communities was developed to guide New Hampshire communities through a logical planning process. It provides a variety of adaptation tools and resources for assessing and planning for climate change impacts. The toolkit allows a community to choose the path to take, starting with where they currently are in assessing and planning. In other words, there is no right way to begin.

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