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Community Power Resources


Community Power - The Basics, and an Overview

 Under a Community Power program, a local government such as a city, town, or county, may procure electricity on behalf of its residents & businesses. Community Power programs also enable economies of scale associated with bulk purchasing power to lower electricity costs for communities. Community Power programs democratize energy sector governance by enabling local communities to choose where their electricity comes from.

Electric distribution utilities (Eversource, NH Electric Cooperative, Liberty Utilities, Unitil) continue to deliver electricity to customers over their poles & wires.

A 4 Step Process for Authorizing Community Power - 

  1. Governing body (select board, city council, county commission) establishes a "Community Power Committee", or designates an existing committee as responsible for supporting development of a Community Power Plan

  2. The Committee develops an aggregation plan, sometimes in partnership with expert nonprofits, regional planning commissions, or consultants. 

  3. The Legislative body votes to approve the plan. 

  4. All residents and businesses are notified and provided the opportunity to opt-out of participation before program launch and enrollment. 


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