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Energy Efficiency

Efficiency work is key to reducing energy use and is ideally done before
implementing a renewable energy project. Efficiency projects can result in ​huge savings for your community!​

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Assess Energy Efficiency Financing/Funding Opportunities

EE Financing
Professional Presentation

Educate about Energy Efficiency and Encourage Action

  • Host a Button Up Workshop to educate residents about how to save energy and money through weatherization

  • Work with schools to incorporate energy efficiency curriculum

Reduce Energy Used to Manage Wastewater and Drinking Water 

  • Conduct energy process audits at water treatment facilities

  • Implement recommended operational measures and track results

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Reduce and/or Retrofit Street Lighting

  • Review Efficiency Vermont's Improving Efficiency in Municipal Street and Public Space Lighting guide that provides a step-by-step process for improving the efficiency of street and public space lighting, and upgrading to LED technology

  • Obtain a map and inventory of existing street lights

  • Develop a policy and recommendations for removing unnecessary street lighting

  • Remove or replace existing street lights with LED lighting 

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​Learn about Energy Efficiency in New Hampshire

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