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Energy Committee 101

So you want to get your Municipality involved with clean energy? We're here to provide you with the information and expertise to make it happen!

How to Start an Energy Committee - 

  • Determine what the structure of your municipal government is

    • Are you a Town, City, Village, etc. ​

    • What does your town government consist of? Do you have a Mayor, Alderman, Select-board? 

  • Your Municipality may adopt or rescind an energy Commission at any appropriately warned meeting

    • According to the RSA, what purpose do Energy Commissions serve and what are their duties?

    • Energy Commissions can be created for the purpose of study, planning, and utilization of energy resources for municipal buildings and built resources. 

Strategies for Local Energy Action - 

  • Come together around a specific project - find examples on our Case Studies Page

  • Start and maintain a contact/mailing list

    • We are here to help you connect with nearby towns and organizations that have energy committees, or are interested in helping local energy committees, contact us for more info!​

  • Communicate with your select-board or town governing body - they should know who you are and why you want to start an energy committee before it comes up for a vote!

  • Partner with clean energy businesses to promote action (negotiate discounts, demo days, informational events)

  • Brainstorm possible projects, then use a scorecard to narrow it down to 1 or 2. That’s better than a scattershot approach.

  • Talk about different ways of approaching projects, Action-based vs Education-based

  • Host an electric vehicle, weatherize, clean energy, environmental fair to get the word out, and get people interested!

Who Can Help Me?

Get in Contact with one of our partner organizations! 

Toolkits - 

For more information, or questions about how to make Local Energy Action a reality in your Municipality, contact us!

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