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Events and Webinars

The Local Energy Solutions Workgroup organizes educational webinars and events held throughout the year. All webinars are recorded and available to view on this page or our YouTube page. For the latest news on upcoming webinars, sign-up for the Local Energy Solutions newsletter!

Upcoming Events

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Community Discussions

Open discussions to facilitate communication about clean energy projects, community needs, and new ideas about how we can move clean energy forward in New Hampshire.

Hosted on the Third Thursday of each month from 6 - 7pm

Webinar Archive

You can find our recorded webinars and informational videos on our YouTube Channel

Empty School Desks And Chairs

Local Students, Local Energy Solutions

Students at Hanover High School have developed a climate action plan: a roadmap for how to reduce their school's admissions greenhouse gas emissions by 77 percent by 2050.

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Group Net Metering: What You Need to Know

Featuring Karen Cramton of the Public Utilities Commission's Sustainable Energy Division.

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Opportunities for North Country Businesses

Learn about resources for North Country renewable energy and energy efficiency projects!

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NH Energy Policy 101

Learn about the current energy policies in New Hampshire!

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Clean Energy Policy Recap 2020 & FERC Net Metering

Get an update on the net metering petition at FERC and the lowdown on the end of the 2020 legislative session.

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NHSaves Button Up Workshop

View the virtual edition of the popular Button-up workshops!

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Electric Vehicles in the Granite State

This webinar provides an overview of electric vehicle topics.

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Liberty Utilities Residential Energy Storage Pilot Program

Learn about Liberty Utilities proposed battery energy storage program, a first-of-its kind in NH!

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Low Income Solar Projects in NH

Featuring Avery Hill, Mascoma Meadows, and NH Solar Shares.

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Energy Master Planning: Lessons from Dover & Claremont

Learn from two NH cities on how they crafted their energy master plans.

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NH's Home Energy Score

This webinar explains all you need to know about NH's Home Energy Score program.


What is Community Power & How Does Community Power Work?

Learn the ins-and-outs of Community Power in New Hampshire.

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Understanding the NH Clean Energy Employment Report

This webinar provides an overview of the methodologies & findings of the new report.

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Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine: the Basics, Status, What it means for NH

This webinar provides an overview of offshore wind topics.

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EPA Portfolio Manager Training for Energy Committees and Municipalities

Learn about the current energy policies in New Hampshire!

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Community Power: NH's New Aggregation Law and Lessons from National Leaders

This is a great overview of community power and programs in other regions!

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Clean Energy Benefits for Businesses

Calling all business owners! Do you know how clean energy can benefit your business? Check it out!

Insulation Installation

Built Up Opportunities: Energy Building Codes in New Hampshire

This webinar provides a great overview of important building and energy codes.

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Energize, Weatherize, Solarize: Public Outreach Campaigns

Learn about these public outreach campaigns and strategies for success.

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Energy on the Farm: Opportunities to Save with Efficiency & Renewables

Calling all farm owners! Learn how renewables and efficiency can help your farm save money and be green.

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LES Webinar: Strategic Energy Action Toolkit

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Local Energy Group!