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The Local Energy Solutions Workgroup has completed the following projects aimed at helping local energy committees meet their energy goals. For more items, please visit our Resources page!

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Track your town’s energy usage with EPA's Portfolio Manager, compare buildings in your town, and learn how to reduce your costs. 

The Renewable Energy Tool Belt is a helpful, comprehensive, free guide designed to help community leaders evaluate potential renewable energy systems. It was developed by the Nashua Regional Planning Commission with their partners the NH Sustainable Energy Association (NHSEA), Vital Communities, GDS Associates, Resilience Planning & Design, and the LES Workgroup, through an intensive process involving many stakeholders and experts.

The Strategic Energy Action Toolkit presents a suite of tools, checklists, meeting agendas, and other useful resources to help Local Energy Committees organize meetings and develop strategic action plans towards executing energy projects in their communities.

The LES Workgroup organizes a series of webinars throughout the year and maintains an extensive database of webinar recordings. 

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