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NH Energy Dashboard

Mapping Municipal, School, and Community Energy Projects Across New Hampshire

Welcome to the NH Energy Dashboard! The Dashboard is a place local energy leaders can come to learn about their neighbor's energy projects, and connect with one another to share resources and lessons.

NH Energy Dashboard Version 1.2:  V.1.2 of the Dashboard maps:

  • Local Energy Committees (outlined in orange);

  • Municipal and school solar projects;

  • State, county, municipal, and school biomass facilities;

  • Municipalities and schools contracting for local small hydro-power.

As the Dashboard grows, we will continue to add layers of other energy projects, covering energy efficiency, energy storage, municipal aggregation, and more! Please Contact LES if you have a project you would like to share.


How To: Use the "Legend" option in the top left corner to toggle layers of solar projects, biomass facilities, local energy committees, hydro-power contracts and more. Click on icons to learn about projects. Connect with one another!

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