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Reduce energy involved in transportation in your community through improved public transportation, carpooling, walking, biking and more!

Learn about Sustainable Transportation


Find various resources at the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s State and Local Solution Center


Electric Vehicle Resources:

Creating EV Ready Towns and Cities

EV Ready Codes for the Built Environment

Learn about Electric School buses

Case Study: Encouraging EV Adoption at the Local Level (Durham, NH)



Other Ideas to Consider:

Create an Inventory of Municipal Vehicles and Track Their Fuel Usage

Adopt a Municipal Policy to Purchase Fuel-efficient Vehicles or Electric Vehicles

Adopt Anti-Idling Policies for Municipal Drivers and/or Public Spaces (e.g. school property)

Educate and Encourage Action around Transportation Issues

Install Anti- idling Signage: Read about Littleton’s Gas Savings Initiative

Improve Infrastructure To Make Your Municipality More Bike / Pedestrian Friendly

Assess opportunities through the Transportation Alternatives Program

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